Field Service Assistant

Where do I download this?

This applicaiton and a few others are available for download on the iTunes application store. 

iTunes Link

Developer's website:
Field Service Assistant (free)
MyTime (free)
Field Service Book (free)
Field Ministry (paid) Field Ministry Website

For Windows Mobile: My Ministry
For Android: Service Time
For Blackberry: FieldBerry
For Linux, Windows, Nokia N9/N950, N900:

You are welcome to download all of these programs, especially Field Service Assistant, and Brent Priddy's application, MyTime because they are free.

Both programs have very different ways of doing things, with different feature sets. 
Give them both a try to see which works best for you!

MyTime is a great program, and hopefully you will like Field Service Assistant too. 
If you prefer one app over the other, that is great as long as it doesn't turn into a cause for app bashing, which doesn't give a very good witness in public reviews. 


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