Field Service Assistant

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Field Service Assistant is a contact management program for Jehovah's Witnesses. It manages calls, placements, and calculates volunteered time.
Features include:
  • Start / Stop timer
  • Sort calls by Street, Name, or Date
  • Custom field support (RBC hrs, etc.)
  • Manage and categorize offers
  • Autofill values in time entry screen
  • Multiple user support
  • Email reports to three addresses
  • Monthly and yearly time totals
  • Synchronize contacts to computer
  • Map calls
  • Get directions

Important: Please review the instructions, including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), BEFORE sending an email. Your question has probably been answered already!  Thanks!

The concept behind the program

The FieldService application records time, placements, and emails your report at the end of the month. It manages return visits and studies, maps your calls, provides directions, and syncs calls to your computer.  It can do this for many different users.

The concept behind the program is a loose binding between placements, studies, and the monthly report.   Offers are manged in a virtual bookbag.  If these offers are properly categorized, placements will be auto-filled when time is recorded. Studies are counted automatically if marked as such in a call. Everything automatically counted can be easily changed or augmented by the user.

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